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6 days / 48 hours of Instructor-led training Live-online class

CCNA and

Course Price

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RM 2000


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Course Description

The Azure Combo (CCNA + AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Training) helps in validating the competencies of candidates in managing cloud services, including computing, networking, storage, and other Microsoft Azure Cloud capabilities. Join the Combo Training course that is a Combo of AZ 900 & CCNA TRAINING, to improve knowledge into core services and capabilities. This certification and training render gives you a wide understanding of cloud services across the entire IT lifecycle, including applications, infrastructure services, and environments, that will help you learn an efficient way to implement secure infrastructure solutions in the Microsoft Azure platform.

 that will assist you with learning a productive method to execute secure framework arrangements in the Microsoft Azure stage.

Things you’ll learn in CCNA +
Azure 900 Combo Course


Freshers who wants to get noticed in the job market.

Administrators who have basic knowledge of Azure Cloud

Professionals who wants to shift to cloud

Professionals who wants to achieve Azure Solution Expert Batch

Professionals who are working in the field of Information Technology and planning to be a Azure Architect

Professionals who have functional knowledge of Cloud Computing

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