Python Bootcamp Certification Training

Course Price

RM 1,250

Duration: 5 days/40 hours


- 40 hours training
- Hands-on training
- Cisco Certified Instructor
- We will provide you with exam preparation guidance to prepare and pass the examination in the first attempt


- Learn how to describe network fundamentals and build pretty basic and simple LANs
- Understand what is IP addressing and subnetting
- Understand what constitutes hubs, switches and routers
- Learn TCP/IP and OSI models
- Using DHCP, learn how addresses are allocated 
- Using DNS, explain name resolution 
- Learn how to protect networks from all sort of attacks using Kali Linux 


In today's world, when coding is becoming increasingly popular, even young children and college students are learning to code to add a plus point to their future professions. This Python Bootcamp course is designed for professionals who are new to coding and are novices. Not only professionals, but also students who wish to master the fundamentals of the Python programming language can benefit from our Python Bootcamp course, which will teach them everything from the ground up.


In today's highly projectized corporate environment, software engineers who can have potential to code the next big thing are in high demand. As Python is a demanded programming language for both developers and enterprises all around the world, it only makes sense for students and professionals to be exposed to the Python language and how it can be used to create products and services in the business world.


A person who understands the Python language can write basic syntax, GUI applications, and numerous data types such as Looping, Functions, Tuples, Dictionaries, and more. Individuals will also benefit from the Python Bootcamp's understanding of Object-Oriented Programming and Graphical Application Development. This Python training may be used for a variety of purposes, including website creation, programming, developing games, GUI application programming, writing system management scripts, and more. Participants of this Python Bootcamp will get a copy of the course materials and also a course certification when it is complete.


There are no prerequisites required for this Python Bootcamp. It is however recommended that participants have the fundamentals of programming languages with data structures and how algorithms work.


This CCNA course offered by Nexperts Academy is designed for anyone who is looking to build his career in CCNA certification. This course will give you all the foundational knowledge from the basic to advance for installation, operation and verification of Cisco networks.

Get the information and skills to install, configure, and work on small to medium-sized system
Get ready to learn and give the CCNA 200-301 exam which leads to the CCNA certification.


·         Gain a foundational knowledge of Python, a widely used programming language;

·         Learn how to utilise Python for a variety of purposes such as website creation, application development, GUI applications, system administration, game development, and more.

·         Demonstrate your understanding of the Python programming language and your dedication to become a better developer in general.

·         Learn how to solve complex problems with coding experiments by identifying new opportunities and cleaning the code as you go

·         Appear more appealing in a competitive job market with one of the most widely-used programming language


- Certified and Highly skilled Trainer
- 24*7 Support
- Lifetime Access of recorded sessions
- One on One Training Support

Reasons to choose Python Bootcamp

·         Python Bootcamp is a widely popular programming language course taught by qualified trainers all around the world.

·         We've been offering certified training for professionals for over 25 years.

·         Learn the basics of the Python programming language and how to use it to create dynamic webpages and apps.

·         With Python Certification Training, you may earn more money than non-certified coding experts and advance in your career.

·         Join in the fun with all types of people from newcomers to professional coders


  • Instructor-led Python Bootcamp Certification Training

  • Get access to a free Python training course preview to begin your preparation

  • Expert Python instructors worldwide

  • Industry-recognized Python Bootcamp Participation certificate offered

  • Service provided across 100+ locations worldwide


Suggested Job Roles:


  • IT professionals

  • Software Developers

  • Programmers

  • Application Developers

  • Data Scientists

  • Professionals who want to make their careers in Python certification journey

  • Individuals who have intentions on learning Python


·         Python's flexible function and memory model

·         Various object-oriented features

·         How to create built-in data types

·         Learn about iterators, list comprehensions, context managers, decorators and generators

·         Learn how to create and utilize libraries as well as packages

·         Learn how to utilize dictionaries, values, functions and items

·         Examining the graphical application development in GUI, event-driven programming and many more


This course will help you:

  • Make full use of the network when you implement applications for business needs

  • Get a foundation in the basics of automation, applications, and Cisco Platforms

  • Be prepared for the 200-901 DEVASC exam


Course Fee:

Duration: 5 Days/40 Hours


  • The inquiry process consists of three simple steps.

  • STEP 1 Submit Inquiry- Tell us a bit about yourself and the questions you want to enquire

  • STEP 2 Reviewing – Your questions will be processed and answered within a day or two 

  • STEP 3 Response – Answers will typically be sent through email. However, you may tell us the option you prefer us to contact you in


•           Physical Classroom Training (Malaysia)

•           On-site Company Training (Malaysia)

•           Online Training via Microsoft Team (Malaysia and International)



- Implement IPv4 Static Routing
- Implement IPv6 Static Routing
- Configure VLAN and Trunk
- Troubleshoot VLANs and Trunk
- Configure a Router on a Stick
- Implement Multiple VLANs and Basic Routing Between the VLANs
- Configure and Verify Single-Area OSPF
- Configure and Verify EtherChannel
- Improve Redundant Switched Topologies with EtherChannel
- Configure and Verify IPv4 ACLs
- Implement Numbered and Named IPv4 ACLs
- Configure a Provider-Assigned IPv4 Address
- Configure Static NAT
- Configure Dynamic NAT and Port Address Translation (PAT)
- Implement PAT
- Log into the WLC
- Monitor the WLC
- Configure a Dynamic (VLAN) Interface
- Configure a DHCP Scope
- Configure a WLAN
- Define a Remote Access Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) Server
- Explore Management Options
- Explore the Cisco DNA™ Center
- Configure and Verify NTP
- Configure System Message Logging
- Create the Cisco IOS Image Backup
- Upgrade Cisco IOS Image

Module 1: Getting Started with Python

  • Introducing Python

  • Installing Python on Windows

  • Installing Python on Linux and other Operating Systems

  • Introducing Python IDLE

  • Programming in Interactive Mode

  • Programming in Scripting Mode


Module 2: Types, Variables and Input/Output

  • Using quotes and escape character

  • String Concatenation and Repeater Operators

  • Using Mathematical Operators with Numbers

  • Understanding Variables

  • Getting User Input with input()

  • Using Strings Methods

  • Converting Values


Module 3: Types, Variables and Input/Output

  • The if Statement

  • The else Clause

  • Using elif Clause

  • The while Statement

  • Avoiding infinite loops

  • Values as conditions

  • Using Logical Operators

  • Planning Your Program with Pseudocode


Module 4: For Loops and Tuples

  • Using for Loops

  • Using Sequence Operators and Functions with Strings

  • Finding Length with len()

  • Using the in Operator

  • Indexing and Slicing Strings

  • Using Random Module

  • Using Tuples

  • Sequence Operators and Functions with Tuples

 Module 5: Lists in Python

  • Creating and Using Lists

  • len() with Lists

  • in Operator with Lists

  • Indexing, Slicing and Concatenating

  • Deleting List Element with del

  • Using Lists Methods such as append(), sort(), reverse(), count(), pop(), remove(), insert() and index()

  • Using Nested Sequences

  • Understanding Shared Refrences


Module 6: Dictionaries

  • Using Dictionaries

  • Accessing Dictionary values

  • Adding, Replacing and Deleting key-value pairs

  • Functions: get(), keys(), values() and items()


Module 7: Functions in Python

  • Defining Functions

  • Using Parameters and Return Values

  • Using Arguments and Defaults Parameters

  • Using Global Variables and Constants

  • Variable Scope


What is the pre-requisites to take this course ?

No, as long as you have interest in IT field primarily in network related field.

Do I need to be from IT field to learn CCNA?

No, not required. Interest in IT and having IT thinking would be sufficient to embark in this area of IT.

What is CCNA ?

This is one of the most valuable certifications one should have/acquire to be working in the IT field. Employers or companies made it almost mandatory for one to have this CCNA certification to be employed as a Network Engineer or alike.

Which is the best CCNA training company in Malaysia?

Nexperts Academy is the best in Malaysia. Our google rating is evidence of our strength in this field.

Can I become a network engineer right away after completing this course?

Absolutely Not. It takes time, practice and experience to become one. However , with this course and all the hands -on training, we will give you real time analytics experience used in industries, sufficient for you to start preparing for job interviews.

Will I receive a certificate upon finishing this course?

Yes, you will get a personalized digital certificate downloadable as a PDF. You will need to complete over 85% of the curriculum lessons










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- 24/7 SUPPORT

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