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Python is one of the main language for data analysis, and a large number of the company standard tools are written in Python. Python Pandas is quite possibly the most fundamental, it is one of the popular tool that any aspiring data analysts need to learn. Today, we'll introduce you with the basics of Pandas.


Pandas library is one of the most popular tools when we are talking about python data scientists and analysts, because it is essiential for many data projects. Panda is and open source package of python for data cleaning and data manipulation. It is very easy to install and to use. It provide us the extended, useful data structures to hold multiple types of relational data.

It is often used with with other data science Python libraries. Do you know? Python is built on the NumPy pakages, some of the structure between them are similar. It is also used in SciPy for statistical analysis or with Matplotlib for plotting functions. Panda is available for almost every versions of python, including Python3


  • Easily calculate statistics about data such as finding the average, distribution, and median of columns

  • Use data visualization tools, such as Matplotlib, to easily create plot bars, histograms, and more

  • You can clean your data by filtering columns by easily removing values

  • Manipulate your data flexibly using operations like merging, joining, reshaping, etc.

  • You can Read, write, and store your data as a database, or CSV file


So far we learned that Python is one of the most important programming language for data analytics and other popular machine learning  and visualization libraries are written in Python, including Pandas, TensorFlow, Scikit-learn, Matplotlib, Numpy, and more. In the recent time Python ranked 3rd in the 2021 StackOverflow survey as the most popular programming language, because of it’s simplicity, improved library support and easily understandable programming language.

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As we are all shifting to a more IT dependent world, companies start to focus more on their online stores. There is no doubt that they want everything they have been working on to be stay safe in their company which is why on the 14th July 2021, Nexperts Academy did yet another amazing workshop to help out the society to do exactly that for whether if it’s a company they work for or a personal company. 

Ethical hacking or a white hat is an authorized attempt to gain unauthorized access to a organization’s information systems and this is to help them to identify security vulnerabilities. In short, it is a practice of “Prevention is better than Cure”. 

In the workshop held, Vaheed spoke about some of the tools and techniques to identify vulnerabilities in an organisation network. With great participant response, the session was a success. We are grateful to see smiling faces at the end of the workshop and ended it with a smile back. Nexperts Academy wishes our participants a great journey ahead and all the best in your future undertakings.