Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

This course can be considered as a first learning path to cloud administrations and how Microsoft Azure is showcasing those ideas. It can be regarded as a parent to Microsoft Azure or Microsoft cloud administration exams. While it would be an excellent initial step, proving establishment-level information, taking this course is not essential before taking some other Azure-based certifications.

In this course, You will learn a detailed explanation of every topic alongside a lab presentation for the services in Azure. There will be a Q&A after the finish of the session, and this would test your understanding of the course. At the end of the course, you’ll get an e-book of Microsoft Azure Fundamental cost of RM 300 free
Outline for Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification
Module 1: Understand cloud concepts
Module 2: Understand core Azure services
Module 3: Understand security, privacy, compliance, and trust
Module 4: Understand Azure pricing and support


After this course, you are entirely able and assured of the information needed to clear the AZ 900 Exam. Indeed, even with zero Azure/Cloud knowledge, this course will set you up for the Microsoft AZ-900 test.

You can consider this course is an entry-level certification for the remaining Azure certifications.

So if you are looking to build your career in cloud computing, then this AZ-900 exam course is right to go for you!

There are no pre-requisites for taking this course. However, the more technical knowledge a student has the more they will understand about the cloud.

This course is suitable for IT personnel who are just beginning to work with Azure. This audience wants to learn about our offerings and get hands-on experience with the product. This course primarily uses the Azure portal to create services and does not require scripting skills. Students in this course will gain confidence to take other role-based courses and certifications, such as Azure Administrator. This course provides an Azure pass and optional lab environment. This course combines lecture, demonstrations, and hands-on labs. This course will also help prepare someone for the AZ-900 exam.

1. Module 1: Cloud Concepts
In this module, you will learn about cloud services, the types of cloud models, and the types of cloud services

  • Why Cloud Services
  • Types of Cloud models
  • Types of Cloud services

2. Module 2: Core Azure Services
In this module, you learn about Azure core cloud architectural components, Azure services and products, Azure solutions, and Azure management tools.

  • Core Azure Architectural components
  • Core Azure Services and Products
  • Azure Solutions
  • Azure management tools

3. Module 3: Security, Privacy, Compliance and Trust
In this module, you learn about Azure security, identity, governance, monitoring, reporting, and standards.

  • Secure network connectivity
  • Core Azure identity services
  • Security tools and features
  • Azure governance methodologies
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Privacy, compliance, and data protection standards

4. Module 4: Azure Pricing and Support
In this module, you will learn about Azure subscriptions, planning and managing costs, support options, SLAs, and service lifecycles.

  • Azure subscriptions
  • Planning and managing costs
  • Azure support options
  • Azure Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Service lifecycle in Azure

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