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Mobile Application Development

Course Price

RM 1,250

Duration: 5 days/40 hours


- 40 hours training
- Hands-on training
- Cisco Certified Instructor
- We will provide you with exam preparation guidance to prepare and pass the examination in the first attempt


- Learn how to describe network fundamentals and build pretty basic and simple LANs
- Understand what is IP addressing and subnetting
- Understand what constitutes hubs, switches and routers
- Learn TCP/IP and OSI models
- Using DHCP, learn how addresses are allocated 
- Using DNS, explain name resolution 
- Learn how to protect networks from all sort of attacks using Kali Linux 


Mobile phones are currently available to 75% of the world's population. Across all industries, mobile application development is one of the fastest-growing categories. Not only are the retail, entertainment, travel, and hospitality industries benefiting from this new mobile-based business landscape, but also healthcare, construction, manufacturing, and other vital industries have recently invested in mobile application development to ensure they do not fall behind in this rapidly changing business world.

More than 80% of mobile users look for items and services online, while just 26% look for an app connected to a specific brand. Due to this, mobile application development trainings have been increasingly popular in recent months, as every company wants to design their own app to meet the market demands of numerous brands and device kinds.

The Nexperts Academy Mobile App Development course is an introductory / beginner level Mobile App Development course that is perfect for developers who write codes.Learners will also learn how to create custom native mobile apps for Android and iOS, as well as how to leverage SDKs and effectively deploy the apps.


This Mobile Application Development has no formal prerequisites. It is however advised that participants should have a basic working knowledge of Java.


This CCNA course offered by Nexperts Academy is designed for anyone who is looking to build his career in CCNA certification. This course will give you all the foundational knowledge from the basic to advance for installation, operation and verification of Cisco networks.

Get the information and skills to install, configure, and work on small to medium-sized system
Get ready to learn and give the CCNA 200-301 exam which leads to the CCNA certification.


·         Gain a foundational knowledge of Python, a widely used programming language;

·         Learn how to utilise Python for a variety of purposes such as website creation, application development, GUI applications, system administration, game development, and more.

·         Demonstrate your understanding of the Python programming language and your dedication to become a better developer in general.

·         Learn how to solve complex problems with coding experiments by identifying new opportunities and cleaning the code as you go

·         Appear more appealing in a competitive job market with one of the most widely-used programming language


- Certified and Highly skilled Trainer
- 24*7 Support
- Lifetime Access of recorded sessions
- One on One Training Support

Reasons to choose Nexperts Academy’s Mobile Application Development Course

  • Gain a foundational grasp of building a variety of mobile applications across platforms and devices with one of the finest app development courses

  •  Participate along with other mobile developers to learn how apps are built for multiple platforms across industrial sectors. 

  •  Participate along with other mobile developers to learn how apps are built for multiple platforms across industrial sectors. 

  • Appear more desirable in the corporate world in order to demand a greater wage than non-certified experts.


  • Instructor-led Mobile App Development Certification Training

  • Expert Mobile App Development instructors worldwide

  • Accredited course material prepared by SMEs

  • Get a recorded copy of the course from Nexperts

  • Obtain an industry-recognized Mobile App Development training certificate

  • Training that is offered across 100+ locations worldwide


Suggested Job Roles:

  • Developers

  • Software Engineers

  • IT professionals

  • Programmers

  • Application Developers

  • Individuals who want to learn Mobile Application Development concepts and best practices

  • Android and iOS application developers who want to advance in their careers


Students who attend this course will gain the skills and knowledge of:

  • Android Native Application Development

  • How to use SDK tools in Android

  • iOS Native Application Development (SWIFT)

  • Getting familiar with XCODE

  • Gestures and localization architecture

  • Phonegap, HTML/ CSS, and setting up environment

  • UI Designing using jQuery

  • Learn how to deploy android and iOS applications from testing, play store to a device


  • To become a certified mobile application developer, you must demonstrate your understanding of Android Native App and iOS Native App (SWIFT) and with our course, you will be able to.

  • Get ready to join the growing demand for mobile app developers, which was included in the ‘13 top tech skills needed’ report.

  • Learn how to use interactive mobile applications to manage challenging problems for organisations. 

  • Participate in the app revenue boom, which is expected to reach 188 billion dollars by 2021

  • Understand how to use mobile applications for diverse purposes such as customer engagement, efficiency, productivity, and to provide real-time services on both the Android and iOS platforms.



Course Fee:

Duration: 5 Days/40 Hours

  • The inquiry process consists of three simple steps.

  • STEP 1 Submit Inquiry- Tell us a bit about yourself and the questions you want to enquire

  • STEP 2 Reviewing – Your questions will be processed and answered within a day or two 

  • STEP 3 Response – Answers will typically be sent through email. However, you may tell us the option you prefer us to contact you in


•           Physical Classroom Training (Malaysia)

•           On-site Company Training (Malaysia)

•           Online Training via Microsoft Team (Malaysia and International)


Android Native Application Development

  1. Android Framework and Android Studio

    • Introduction

    • Android Software Layers

    • Android Libraries

    • Components of an Android Application

    • Pre-requisite of Android Application Development

    • Android Studio

  2. Android SDK Tools and Activity Class

    • Android Project Structure

    • Android Manifest File

    • Structure of Manifest File

    • Activity

  3. Fragment Views and List View

    • Introduction

    • Fragments

    • Views

    • List Views and List Activity

  4. Intents and Intent Filters

    • Introduction

    • Intents

    • Native Android Action

    • Data Transfer

    • Intent to Call activities

    • Register and Intent Filter

  5. Android Layouts and custom views

    • Introduction

    • Views

    • Layouts

    • Customized Views

  6. Android UI- Dialogs, Menus and Web view

    • Introduction

    • User Interaction

    • Dialogs

    • Toasts

    • Context Menu

    • Option Menu

    • Web View

  7. Android Storage and Background Processing

    • Android Storage Option

    • Shared Preferences

    • SQLite

    • Web Services

    • Background Processing

  8. Android Notifications

    • Introduction

    • Creating a notification

    • Notification action

    • Expandable Notification

    • Notification Layouts


iOS Native Application Development (SWIFT)

  1. Swift

    • Introduction to Swift

    • Introduction to Playgrounds

    • Variables and Constants

    • Optional and Forced Unwrapping

    • Class and Objects

    • Playing with Methods

  1. iOS stack and setting development environment

    • A top down tour of the layers

    • Setting up project in XCODE

    • What’s different about coding in iOS?

  2. Getting Familiar with XCODE (IDE)

    • The XCODE workspace windows

    • The Toolbar

    • The Navigation View

    • Project Navigator

    • Symbol Navigator

    • Search Navigator

    • Debug Navigator

    • Break Point Navigator

    • Log Navigator

    • The Jump Bar

    • The Utility Pane

  3. MVC and User Interfaces

  • View Controller

  • Outlet and Actions

  • Button and Action Methods

  • Image view and Text Filed

  • Closing Keypad

  • Slider and Label

  • Tags,

  • Check Box and Radio

  • Alert Controller

  • Switches and Segment Controllers

  • Web View

  • More UI Components

  1. Auto Layouts

  • Mechanics of Autorotation

  • Autorotation approaches

  • Auto sizing with different apple devices

  1. Multi View application

  • Architecture of Multi View Application

  • Root Controller

  • Navigation Controller

  • Tab Bar Controller

  • Segues

  1. Working with Pickers

  • Date Picker

  • Single Component Picker

  • Multi Component Picker

  • Custom Picker with Images

  • Delegates and data Sources

  1. Table view and Navigation Controllers

  • Working with Table View

  • Working with Table View controller

  • Grouped and Indexed Section

  • Header and Footer

  • Custom Table View

  • Connecting View controllers with Table View

  1. Basic Data Persistence

  • SQLite

  • Core Data

  • Web Services

  1. Gestures

  • Taps Gesture

  • Pinch Gesture

  • Rotation Gesture

  • Pan Gesture

  • Swipe Gesture

  • Screen Edges Pan Gesture

  • Long press gesture

  1. Working with Maps

  • iOS Location Framework

  • iOS Map Kit Framework

  • The Location Manager

  • Annotation

  • Latitude and Longitude

  1. Camera and Photo Library, Collection

  • Image Picker Controllers

  • Camera and Library

  • UI Collection

  1. Localization

  • Localization Architecture

  • Localize Application

Phone gap

  1. Phonegap Introduction

  • Introduction

  • History

  • Architecture

  1. Introduction to HTML/ CSS

  • Basics

  • Simple Website making

  • Styling using CSS

  • Adding functionalities using jQuery/ Java script

  1. Setting up Environment

  • Download and installing Phonegap

  • Phonegap with Android

  • Phonegap with iOS

  • Hello World

  1. UI Designing using jQuery Mobile

  • Introduction

  • Creating Pages

  • Navigation bar, buttons, grids and other controls

  • Data in jQuery Mobile Pages

  1. Phone gap API

  • Movement and Location

  • File System and Local database

  • Working with Images and Video

  • Working with Contacts

  • Working with Events

  • Many more APIs

  1. Extending Phonegap with Plugins

  • Extending Cordova application with a native plugin

  • Extending Cordova iOS application with a native plugin


  1. Deployment

  • Deployment of Android

Deployment of iOS


What is the pre-requisites to take this course ?

No, as long as you have interest in IT field primarily in network related field.

Do I need to be from IT field to learn CCNA?

No, not required. Interest in IT and having IT thinking would be sufficient to embark in this area of IT.

What is CCNA ?

This is one of the most valuable certifications one should have/acquire to be working in the IT field. Employers or companies made it almost mandatory for one to have this CCNA certification to be employed as a Network Engineer or alike.

Which is the best CCNA training company in Malaysia?

Nexperts Academy is the best in Malaysia. Our google rating is evidence of our strength in this field.

Can I become a network engineer right away after completing this course?

Absolutely Not. It takes time, practice and experience to become one. However , with this course and all the hands -on training, we will give you real time analytics experience used in industries, sufficient for you to start preparing for job interviews.

Will I receive a certificate upon finishing this course?

Yes, you will get a personalized digital certificate downloadable as a PDF. You will need to complete over 85% of the curriculum lessons










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- 24/7 SUPPORT

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