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Nexperts an IT company is greatly obliged to represent  on discussing about the community empowerment through technology because we see the power and the capabilities of technology especially in our current state which is why we wish to share our vision through our knowledgeable and inspiring guest speakers. It is inevitable how the global pandemic had ultimately impacted our lives through various aspects at an unprecedented scale. However, the technology evolution had play an indispensable role in empowering community by optimising the social media platform for virtual business growth. Social media is deemed to be a bridge in engaging with the audience from different continents. Entrepreneurs often restrict from using social media due to the fear of receiving critics that could eventually drain their enthusiasm. On the flip side of the coin, the benefits embedded in innovation overweighs the drawback in plethora ways. However, no one has stopped using technology because we can all tell that the benefits of technology has brought us a big step forward. Without it, some industries like the online gaming or social media industries will cease to exist. The leading edge innovation had triggered the business to be digitalised.


This CSR program is intended to create awareness and spread positivity among community via the vast optimization of technology that would sustain the development. It is clear that rural communities must be transformed to reach empowerment, a condition which will ensure the continuity of sustainable development. In order to get sustainability among rural communities, technology become a booster to reach it. The low level of technological knowledge makes them tend to have very slow adaptation to be able to capture the market condition and what is the technology which is able to make their products achieve the market demand. Appropriate technology implementation is crucial to stay alert, enthusiastic and avert negative vibes. 


The CSR event would be a great platform for audience to get more insight about technological empowerment as there would be a two-way engagement with our speakers. Question and answer session will be held for depth understanding. The talk show will be covering topics like their personal journey, how they started or why did they choose to start in that business and the struggles that they’ve faced. Speakers will mention how is it like in their specific jobs and it will definitely be different from one another as each of our speakers come from a different profession. Upon listening to our speakers’ challenges, they might help you to think in a different angle on how to solve your challenges. Their success stories will definitely not only be informational but you may even be inspired to try out new things after the talk! 


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The digital marketing course is delighted to announce that 50 early birds who have successfully register for the event would be entitled for a giveaway. We are looking forward for a speedy enrolment as the lucky draw would be given on “First Come, First Serve” basis. 

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