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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Course Price

RM 3,000

Duration: 25 days/40 hours



In the digital era, organizations are reinventing their advertising strategies to better engage and connect with their customers. This path will equip you with the skills, insights and digital understanding to be a particularly effective digital marketer and generate a measurable effect on your company’s backside line.



- 100 % Hands-on Training
- 40 Hrs Instructor-led Training
- 6 Projects
- Certifications, videos and resources
- Weekly assignments and assessments
- Industry-relevant content



- Learn different machine learning techniques by realising various classifications and regression techniques.

- Identify the concept of clustering and understand how clustering can automatically segment data

- Understand natural language processing by learning the basics of text processing in Python

- Developing various Ai Games

- Build intelligent systems that are based on images, texts and time series data as part of the projects

- Understanding Deep learning algorithms and building applications using such algorithms. 

- Learn how to detect objects and extract feature and applying the same in real time industry-based projects

- Explore different libraries under Python for data manipulation, preprocessing, and visualisation.

- Learn the fundamentals of machine learning

- Learn the concepts of optimization and its available techniques to identify the errors in Machine Learning model that you have designed.



Data Science, ML and AI Python Bootcamp enables you to become a professional Python programmer. In this course, you'll learn the fundamentals of the Python programming language, Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. You’ll harness the power of complex data structures like lists, sets, dictionaries, and tuples to store collections of related data. You’ll define and document your own custom functions, write scripts, and handle errors. You’ll learn to find and use modules in the Python Standard Library and other third-party libraries. In this you'll be learning machine learning algorithms . Lastly you'll be learning Artificial Intelligence concepts which will make you an expert in AI.



- Beginners in AI and Machine Learning.
- Python beginners who are interested in machine learning.



This course introduces the student to Python language.

Upon completion of this class, you will be more than comfortable to write Python programs.

Through this course, you will:

-Have an insight on features of Python that make it an excellent choice for projects of virtually any size.

- Understand the distinctions between Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.
- Discover how AI and deep learning algorithms are used now.
- Build the simplest Machine Learning models possible.
- Machine Learning models can be predicted and developed.



- Fundamentals of Python language
- Writing Python codes and program
- Build and run project based on Python
- Create your own applications for data retrieval, processing, and visualization
- Data Science Libraries
- Machine Learning
- Machine Learning Algorithms
- Artificial Intelligence



- Comprehensive Blended Learning program

- Flexible access to online classes

- Instructions carried out through industry experienced trainers

- Interactive Quizzes

- 15+ in-demand technologies and skills

- Get hands-on experience with four industry-related projects

- 24x7 learner assistance and support



The admission fee for this AI and Machine Learning certification program is RM3,000.

Duration: 25 days/100 hours



- Physical Classroom Training (Malaysia)

- On-site Company Training (Malaysia)

- Online Training via Microsoft Team (Malaysia and International)



- Beginners in AI and Machine Learning.

- Python beginners who are interested in machine learning.



The inquiry process comprises three simple steps.

STEP 1 Submit Inquiry- Tell us a bit about yourself and the questions you want to enquire

STEP 2 Reviewing–Your questions will be processed and answered within a day or two 

STEP 3 Response–Answers will typically be sent through email. However, you may tell us the option you prefer us to contact you in.




- Introduction
- Setting up environment
- Variables
- Strings
- Escape and special character
- Formatted strings
- Numbers
- Operators
- Type conversion

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What are the prerequisites to take this course?

Beginners are welcome to join. Basic programming knowledge is recommended.

Do you provide support for this course?

Yes, our trainers are there to support you during training and post training.  

Can I become a programmer right away after completing this course?

Absolutely not. It takes time, practice and experience to become one. However, with this course and all the hands-on training, we will give you real time experience used in industries, sufficient for you to start preparing for job interviews. 

Will I receive a certificate upon finishing this course?

Yes, you will get a personalized digital certificate downloadable as a PDF. You will need to complete over 85% of the curriculum lessons

Which is the best AI & ML training company in Malaysia?

Nexperts Academy is the best in Malaysia. Our google rating is an evident of our strength in this field.

Can I request a refund if I am not happy with the training?

Yes, subject to our refund policies.  










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- 24/7 SUPPORT

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