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1. Quality Education

  • This is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that was set up by the United Nations General Assembly in the year 2015.


  • To achieve a better and more sustainable future for all, through quality education.


  • Nexperts Academy believes everyone should get an equal opportunity in education and this is not only limited to the youths but also the working adults; anyone with the will and spirit to learn.


  • We at Nexperts Academy have changed our tune. Instead of focusing on a more syllabus approach we have extended our horizons and embraced new education aspects such as Soft Skills Training.

2. Achieving our Dreams 

  • No man has ever achieved success without failure. Obstacles and challenges are part of what makes life interesting.

  • The secret to achieving our dreams is to thrive through. The struggle is painful, but the destination is beautiful.  

  • Nexperts Academy believes that inner strength and sheer will can trump adversity.  

  • We speak to all non-IT professionals who wants to pursue an IT career; we at Nexperts Academy are prepared to pave a pathway for you as long as you have the will and interest to learn. 

3. Increase in Employability 

  • Due to the recent events of the pandemic, there has been a strain on the employability. With that in Nexperts Academy with a new perspective will like to embrace and emphasize on the importance of Soft Skills. 

  • Soft skills are most often overlooked and technical skills are most often prioritized. But with the new normal, soft skills such as adaptability, conflict resolution has become more important than ever.

  • An individual equipped with both soft and technical skills such as certification in CCNA from Cisco Systems and Azure from Microsoft have a higher employability rate and is proven to have better workplace performance.  

  • With that in mind, Nexperts Academy in collaboration with the University of Malaya (UM) held a Webinar on graduate employability specifically touching on the aspect of Soft Skills. There was also another session conducted with MARA University of Technology Kelantan (Kampus UiTM Machang). 

  • In the recent webinar, it prepares the candidates to the face the world of employment headstrong as an all-rounder candidate equipped with both the knowledge and the soft skills. (Click here)

4. Soft Skills for the New Normal 

  • The importance of these soft skills is often undervalued, and there is far less training provided for them than hard skills such as coding.  

  • Professionals need to have both technical and soft skills during these challenging times.

  • THE Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way Malaysians work, learn and do business. Functions that once were traditionally face-to-face are now taking place across a digital space.

  • This requires professionals to possess both the digital skills and soft skills to work, collaborate and manage teams remotely.

  • Soft Skills are also important for the managers or employers because they set the tone for the organization.

  • An organization that operates a safe and open culture without blame or bullying however, makes employees feel valued and motivated to work. With that being said, it means that the culture within the organization should encourage and facilitate open conversations to resolve issues in a more collaborative way. 

  • Healthy and inclusive culture is good for both individuals and the organization.

5. Advocate for Mental Wellness

  • Mental well-being is essential and an important part of our health. Mental Health includes one’s emotional and social well-being–one’s mental health affects how one thinks, feel and act.

  • It likewise helps in deciding how one handles pressure, settles on decisions and identifies with others. Psychological well-being can influence one's day by day life exercises, connections and actual wellbeing.

  • We at Nexperts Academy understand the importance of mental wellness and not only for the employers, employees but also for the participants who enroll with us. 

  • It especially tested our mental wellness during these turbulent times with the new normal, new working environment, remote working, self-isolation, lack of communication and the list goes on. 

  • To top of that, individuals who lack of skills feels the difficulty more than anyone else. Lack of digital skills, poses as a challenge with the remote working. Lack of soft skills such as being adaptable and communicative will make an individual more stressed and more lonely. 

  • Nexperts Academy cares for their people. We believe in the importance of mental health. 


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