Django Certification Training

Course Price

RM 2500

Duration: 5 days/40 hours



Django is a popular Python web framework that helps you to build scalable, secure, production-quality online applications rapidly. Django web apps, which allowed for quick creation and iteration, can manage an unlimited number of users and data, rapidly add new features, interface with RESTful APIs, employ machine learning/AI, and much more. Python is popular among developers because it is simple to understand, write, and learn, as well as robust and scalable. As a result, both startups and huge corporations employed Python and Django such as Instagram, Spotify, and YouTube. Learn essential skills to become a competent backend web developer.



Basic computer skills are required.



This course is useful for Python developers who wish to improve their Django expertise as well as web developers.



- 100% Hands-on Training

80 Hrs Instructor-led Training

Django Projects

- Certifications, Videos, and Resources

Weekly assignments and assessments

Industry-relevant content



- Hands-on Exposure to Python Programming

Build fully functional websites for your startup or business

Understand how using frameworks like Django will save you a ton of time in web development.

- Be able to connect Django to database



Course Fee: RM 2500
Duration: 5 Days / 40 Hours



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- Physical Classroom Training (Malaysia)

- On-site Company Training (Malaysia)

- Online Training via Microsoft Team (Malaysia and International)



- Introduction To Python Programming

- Setting up an environment





Type conversion

Conditional statements

For loop

While loop


Classes and objects



- Sets

- Dictionaries

- Exception Handling

- Front End Introduction



- Bootstrap

- JavaScript

- Introduction to Django Web Framework

- Explain MVC pattern

- Create a basic Django app

- Create Views

- Use HTTP request and response objects

- URL Mapping

- Django Template Language

- Utilities of Templates

- Form Handling

- Django Models

- Database

- Code an Ecommerce Website

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