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Ethical Hacking


Through this workshop, you will be learning the purpose and concepts of Ethical Hacking which would thereafter help to detect  vulnerabilities or flaws by way of hacking or launching an attack to the computer systems and network.


- Definition of Ethical Hacking 
- Who is known as an Ethical Hacker?
- What is the underlying purpose of ethical hacking?
- Learn the necessary tools and techniques of hacking 
- What are the types of attacks available 
- Demonstration of Wireless Hacking

- Detecting vulnerabilities best certifications to acquire to be a security professional


IT team lead, IT Auditors , Network Engineers, IT professionals who would like to venture into security.

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As we are all shifting to a more IT dependent world, companies start to focus more on their online stores. There is no doubt that they want everything they have been working on to be stay safe in their company which is why on the 14th July 2021, Nexperts Academy did yet another amazing workshop to help out the society to do exactly that for whether if it’s a company they work for or a personal company. 

Ethical hacking or a white hat is an authorized attempt to gain unauthorized access to a organization’s information systems and this is to help them to identify security vulnerabilities. In short, it is a practice of “Prevention is better than Cure”. 

In the workshop held, Vaheed spoke about some of the tools and techniques to identify vulnerabilities in an organisation network. With great participant response, the session was a success. We are grateful to see smiling faces at the end of the workshop and ended it with a smile back. Nexperts Academy wishes our participants a great journey ahead and all the best in your future undertakings. 

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